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Right Choice of Fish
Fish Food Maroussi

Fish is a very healthy and delicious dietary option. That is why the right choice of fish is very important.
Fresh fish must always be sold on ice and to distinguish fresh fish, you should check the following:
  • Eyes: Blurred eyes are an example that the fish is not fresh, while clear and clear eyes are a sample of fresh fish
  • Exterior appearance: If the fish "polishes" and appears to have moist skin and a slop, it is fresh, unlike the blurry look that shows it is stale
  • Garnish: If they have a bright red color, the fish is fresh
  • Flesh: Squeeze the fish with your finger, if you see that the flesh is elastic, it is a sign of freshness, but if it leaves a mark, then the fish is stale
  • Smell: Smell the fish and if the smell is slightly salty, then it can be consumed





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