<h2>Parianos</h2><p>Fish Store Maroussi</p> <h2>Fresh sea food</h2><p>From the waters of Cyclades and Evoikos</p> <h2>High Quality Products</h2><p>Cleaned and ready for cooking</p>
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Purchase from us excellent quality fish!


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We have fish and sea foods of all kinds.


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The fish store "PARIANOS" in Maroussi, operates since 2014 and is a guarantee for fresh, quality fish.
In our shop you will find daily Greek fish and seafood, from the seas of the Cyclades and the Euboikos, in a wide variety of species, depending on the season.
The fish of our fish farm are of excellent quality and can satisfy even the most demanding palate.
Our fish shop undertakes free of charge the cleaning of the fish of your choice and with a phone call also makes free delivery at your place.